Category: measuring at home

Today switches can be touched remotely and thermometers send numbers over any distance.. When things are so easily connected we can monitor things around the home to know what’s happening or how we can save energy.

Almost everything here, in my local Internet of Things, is connected by ‘Home Assistant’ running on a Raspberry Pi. There’s space for you to share your perspective.

Sensing and controlling with 'Home Assistant'
... and using ESPHome ...
... to program a chip
... as a smart thermostat
... or a connected camera
... or an energy meter
... or a door bell
or invent your own with these versatile tools.

LED light project examples

There are LED strip lights where every LED can be doing something different with the result that you can create effects. Throughout the ‘Zoom’ years of 2020-2021 I experimented showing different things in the...

T4EU1C and Home Assistant

a 3-gang wall switch for your home automation – using eWelink, T4EU1C and Home Assistant I got to a point where I had plenty of ‘smart’ lights and gadgets but few switches. But then...

best uses for a smart socket

smart sockets have uses. A smart socket adds a little cleverness to a table lamp or electric heater. The printer upstairs takes five minutes to warm up so switching it on by remote control...