how to know when the washing machine has finished

SHORT NOTE: If you need to know when a device, like a dryer or washing machine has completed its work, get a ‘smart plug with energy monitoring’. Amazon list many of them but whichever brand you get, first make sure that it can be integrated with your home automation platform. For example TP-link (which I use) has the HS110 with energy monitoring and it connects with Home Assistant. If yours is labelled Tuya / Smart Life / Sonoff there’s a good chance it works for this idea.

(As far as I can imagine the timer feature of a smart plug would not work with my washing machine. It can send me an alert when the cycle is finished and it can total how much it costs to run).

You more need a smart plug than a smart device

  • The idea is simple: leave the smart plug permanently on with the appliance plugged into it. Get your home automation software to monitor the current flowing. The washing machine has finished some time after the current drops to a level level.
  • I don’t want my water heater running all the day. I use a Sonoff POW2 (above) to switch off a water heater when the tank thermostat switches it off.
  • Use a smart plug with an electric iron, or panini press to ensure that they aren’t left on. You’ll need a home automation automation (routine) that watches for high current use and turns off the plug after say, an hour.

Scripts in Home Assistant.

A script looks a bit like an automation but it runs only when you tell it to run. An automation is always active, as it waits for say, a time to trigger some action. The distinction between them became clearer over time.

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