estimate energy bills – the cost of living

This quick post is for anybody wondering how much money they need to put aside for energy.

  • If you don’t use electricity for keeping warm, your summer and winter electricity bills will be similar. In the past we’d need more electricity for lighting in winter, today’s LED lamps reduce the difference between the seasons.
  • Based on the three years data below, electricity will cost you between £270 and £450 per year (say £35 month).
  • Based on the data below, heating will cost you between £400 and £550 per year (say £35 month).
  • Averaging it all, you should put aside £70 – £85 every month of the year.
Size of flat / condo 500 sq feet
Heating using oilElectricity for lighting and hot water
2016 Winter£447£131
2017 Summer£141
2017 Winter£392£267
2018 Summer£130
2018 Winter£556£235
2019 Summer£217

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