how to stop a (hue) light and switch state getting out of sync

My triple T4EU1C switch is physically wired to one light in the room so the state of the light and the switch are always in sync. When the other two switches are pressed a Home Assistant automation detects this and turns on table and side lights in the room. These two switches would easily get out of sync with their lamps.

how a light can be on when its switch is off

I’ve a number of smart light bulbs that, in addition to a wall switch, can be turned on or off either by say, the Hue app, or by a timer or by the TV remote, or by automation routines that are triggered by a person entering a room. When any of these other ways turn on a lamp, the wall switch remains in an ‘off’ state. My switch and light have got out of sync.

use a Home Assistant automation blueprint to sync your lights and switches

Go to Configuration > Blueprints > Import a Blueprint

Enter the URL of the Synchronize states Blueprint into the dialogue. All credit is due to Adrien Chevrier (adchevrier). (URL TODO)

Go to Configuration > Automations > Add Automation

Choose the Blueprint option and Synchronize states

Give your Automation a name and then choose the entities that you want to say in sync. In my case one is a hue lamp and one is a wall switch

Here on, after a couple of uses, the switch state is changed to match the lamp state.

Is it normal for smart lights and switches to get out of sync?

A smart light usually has a switch controlling it and this is a source of problems, if that switch is a smart switch, your light and switch will go out out of sync. If it’s a regular wall switch you’ve hopefully found a way to stop people using it.

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