which ESP32 did I buy?

“… It’s an ESP32. Yes but which?”

ESPRESSIF is the company that markets chips such as the ESP8266 and ESP32 and ESP32-CAM. Other companies buy those chips and fit them inside their smart plugs, cameras, doorbells and the ‘development boards’ for my projects. The development boards may have physical header pins, a USB socket, a battery charger, an OLED display, an aerial socket, a relay and so on. One ESP32 board may have different or more or less pin connections to another. And then there are knock-offs.

It’s a puzzle to know what been bought so if you find things not quite working out, consider whether you’ve identified the board correctly because that fact alone was the key to things working. I am still puzzling so I’ll leave this post unfinished till I learn more.

Every board, comes with no documentation to tell me GPIO 4 is connected to LED1 and so on. ..

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