project: monitor temperature around the house

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  1. Shehzad says:

    I am trying to follow your tutorial but unable to even get past the page for home assistant url, is there any way that i could read historical temperature without home assistant?

    • roger says:

      A temperature vs time graph is indeed very useful – it’s so useful that it’s tragic or shocking that the app for these home temperature devices don’t provide a history graph.

      For me Home Assistant is too versatile to ignore. It provides graphs of
      heating oil level,
      house electricity use,
      appliance electricity use,
      cooking oven temperature,
      position of the sun (solar panels)
      outdoor temperature
      freezer temperature

      The path to this amount of DIY home automation was troublesome. If you have a Raspberry Pi already I would persist to make progress with Home Assistant or indeed another automation platform.

  2. Andy Cox says:

    What kind of range are you getting from the Mijia to the Raspberry Pi? Thanks.

    • roger says:

      Whether the Mijia is linked to a Pi or an ESP32 the Bluetooth reaches across a five metre room at home. The range is not very good. The signal does go through a wall but it wouldn’t get any distance into the next room.

      To recap: to get a good range, and perhaps take temperatures in every room of a house, this project puts an ESP32 in a central place in a house. This project makes recording the history of Mijia temperatures in every room possible – I use one ESP32 to relay the readings to a Pi. I put this ESP32 in the central hall and it can pick up Mijia readings from the immediate rooms.

      In short different Mijias each send over a short distance to one ESP32 which relays the readings over the house wifi.

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