addressable LED light strips put to use

There are LED strip lights where every LED can be doing something different with the result that you can create peculiar effects. You can start with a commercially available kit but after a while you might branch out. For example I’ve attached a microphone to one of the LED controllers and that in turn controls the pulsing of the other light strips. The LED strip that I most used was the 5 volt WS2812b – although the ones that are best used over 3 metre lengths are 12v WS2815. During the ‘Zoom’ years of 2020-2021 I experimented with showing different things in the background hence these examples. My controller of choice is an ESP32 D1 mini flashed with WLED, powered by a 5v 3amp supply with home-made plugs and cables. I also bought two QuinLEDQuad controllers but the story of how they added grief is one more thing I’ll write up shortly.

a white globe with a length of 12v WS2815

an IKEA light with 5m of 12v WS2815 LED strip loosely hung within – bought as a kit with LED strip, controller, power supply and Tuya app.

a tripod stand with 1m of 5v WS2812b – 144 LEDs in 2 x 0.5m of black aluminium channel & diffuser, fixed with black velcro pieces.

a table stand with 1m (144 LEDs) stuck on the edge (5v WS2812b) – used as Zoom decoration

5m of 12v WS2815 LED strip rolled on a tube for no good reason

Not addressable LED but a car windscreen sticker kit and a sound sensor unit

Lots of potential with a 5v WS2812b LED strips in a matrix (8 across and 32 down)

if you have a picture rail use it. This was a ready-made LED strip kit from Amazon. Use a slow changing glow effect or use trashy colours like I did for a party.

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