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energy in food

As food burns it releases energy. This energy can be used to heat up water. If you know how much water you used, and how hot it gets, you can calculate the food’s energy...

data on breakfast cereals

Datasets (files) like the one below are useful in science. They have data to analyse by drawing graphs. The file below is in a ‘CSV’ format. Open this one in your spreadsheet or Datalogging Insight...

scientist 63: the molecular gastronomist – Peter Barham on gastronomy (2014)

We talk with Peter Barham, a professor of ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ about what his delicious subject entails. He wrote the book “The Science of Cooking”. His idea is that “a kitchen is like science laboratory”...


scientist 16: the chocolatier – making chocolate (2012)

Chocolatier Cheryl Brighty of Artistry in Cocoa, tells Nicola Terry how chocolate is made from a cocoa pod. Follow-up link: Artistry in cocoa www.artistryincocoa.co.uk Tagged biology, making chocolate, cocoa, chemistry, artistryincocoa, Nicola Terry 19/05/2012