chinese style spring roll recipe

I bought a packet of rice paper and was surprised at how doable it was to use it to make spring rolls. This lazy version is inspired by a few YouTube videos – my ingredients are a set of supermarket stir-fry packets.

ingredients to buy

  • packet of rice paper circles
  • bag of stir-fry vegetables (eg Tesco Stir-fry meal deal)
  • bag of beansprouts
  • bag of cooked ie soft noodles (part of the meal deal)
  • lettuce leaf – the broad soft part is easier to roll.
  • for protein you might use eggs or prawns cut horizontally or shredded meat
  • flavourings to suit (herbs; soya sauce; hot chilli sauce)

assemble your ingredients

If you’re using eggs scramble fry a couple of eggs and let them cool. Place one rice paper disc in some water for no longer than a minute. Remove it and splash some water on your preparation surface.

The key to doing this is having everything to hand so that you can put lettuce leaf; bean sprouts; noodles; shredded vegetables and protein at one end. Use a knife to pull over the bottom edge of the wet rice paper, roll half a turn, fold in the two sides and then finish rolling.

When the rice paper gets too wet as above it’s harder to roll tidily

You soon get the knack of folding rice paper without tearing it. Feel free to include salt, pepper, fresh coriander, a splash of soy sauce.

finishing off and eating

  • cut the spring rolls diagonally and dip them in some flavouring – for example soy sauce and hot chilli sauce.
  • for a full fat meal fry the spring rolls in deep oil for 5 – 7 minutes or until brown.

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