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scientist 46: the bioengineer – Michelle Oyen develops and uses new materials (2012)

Dr Michelle Oyen is a Reader in bioengineering at the University of Cambridge. Dy Oyen explains how materials science can be put to use in medicine where there’s a need to create surgical implants and new tissues....


scientist 23: the engineer – Bloodhound the fastest car on earth (2012)

Roger Frost finds out about Bloodhound, an engineering initiative for students to build the world’s fastest car. He speaks with Ian Galloway, Bloodhound’s Education Professional Development Director about the bid to break the world...


scientist 12: the materials scientist – properties of materials (2012)

Stuart Dye from Granta Design in Cambridge explains how the company help engineers choose materials to make a product. Tagged engineering, chemistry, materials, choosing, physics, Granta Design, Cambridge, Nicola Terry, Stuart Dye 22/01/2012