museum of data logging

Here are pictures of labs, data loggers, sensors and experiments from the 1990’s to the 2000’s. You’ll see different solutions to computers in a lab and for example, different colorimeters and different ways to measure acceleration. Yes, it’s a bit random, but real life is a touch untidy isn’t it? Do email contributions.

Here’s the kind of classroom that we no longer found inspiring or fit for purpose. When schools ordered a new lab, I’d sometimes be asked to advise on the IT equipment that suited. At a guess I’d snapped Steve Nugus’s lab in Dover, just before demolition and just before he moved to Edxcel.
This I found in a US science catalogue. Placing the gear on top cleared bench space. Even today I think a keyboard shelf would be welcomed.
The science department often got to own the old computers thrown out by IT. Having several computers in the same room offered huge amenity
Having a few computers at least was a first objective for a science lab. Here in West London the department has a stack of laptops they could wheel to where it was needed.
West Dean college
John at West Dean college
measure acceleration in a country park
Measure acceleration in an exhibition (expo) hall (Olympia, London)
colorimeter from Vernier – Texas Instruments (2000)
A makeshift colorimeter, vintage 1989.

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