museum of school sensors and data logging in school

School labs use sensors to measure temperatures and many other parameters that change during an experiment. For example, instead of fitness watch, in the nineties and noughties we’d use a sensor costing ££/$$ that needed experience to set up. Here are pictures of labs, data loggers, sensors and experiments. You’ll see different solutions to computers in a lab and for example, different colorimeters and different ways to measure acceleration. It’s a bit random, but luckily I did often take photos back then so that these photos can remind how tricky it was to do data logging (while also manage a class).

Here’s the kind of classroom that we no longer found inspiring or fit for purpose. When schools ordered a new lab, I’d sometimes be asked to advise on the IT equipment that suited. At a guess I’d snapped Steve Nugus’s lab in Dover, just before demolition and just before he moved to Edxcel.
This I found in a US science catalogue. Placing the gear on top cleared bench space. Even today I think a keyboard shelf would be welcomed.
The science department often got to own the old computers thrown out by IT. Having several computers in the same room offered huge amenity
Having a few computers at least was a first objective for a science lab. Here in West London the department has a stack of laptops they could wheel to where it was needed.
West Dean college
John at West Dean college
measure acceleration in a country park
Measure acceleration in an exhibition (expo) hall (Olympia, London)
colorimeter from Vernier – Texas Instruments (2000)
A makeshift colorimeter, vintage 1989.

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