Aerodynamics – Professor Holger Babinsky – 105science

This week we find out about aerodynamics and what it involves. We meet Professor Holger Babinsky at Cambridge University Engineering Department. He talks about wind tunnels and the need for bumps on aeroplane wings.  Listen to the interview or hear the full show at the link below.

See How wings really work –

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Can money buy you happiness?

Associate professor of psychology, Ron Rowell says “Everyone has been told if you spend your money on life experiences, it will make you happier, but we found that isn’t always the case.” Everyone’s invited to learn how spending habits affect happiness by contributing to this research programme. Go to Press release:

Something fishy about the recommendation to eat fish

A study that questions those recommendation to eat fish with omega fatty acids is published in The Canadian Journal of Cardiology. Press release:


A Pint of Science where you can learn about science at the pub. Here in Cambridge there will be talks from the 19th to 21st May at three town centre pubs including the Portland Arms. Topics include ‘hacking our senses’, ‘the ageing brain – how to keep it fit’, and ‘modifying memories’. To learn more and book tickets, see

Molecular Gastronomy, The Science of Taste and Flavour is a talk on Monday 19th May at 19:30 by Professor Peter Barham. At Churchill College, Storey’s Way, Cambridge.

2050: Sustainable UK a talk on on Thursday 15th May at 7pm. Science author and broadcaster, Dr John Emsley questions if the ‘green solution’ is a better alternative. He thinks that organic farming and natural materials cannot feed, clothe and house 9 billion humans. Department of Chemistry, Lensfield Road, Cambridge.

Advances in Research and Practice of Tunnelling Under Cities, a talk on Monday 5th May. Urban congestion is a serious problem in many cities, so the creation of underground space, and underground transport, is essential for future megacities. Professor Robert Mair, Department of Engineering explains how tunnels can be built in cities. Monday 05 May, 19:30-21:00 at Churchill College, Cambridge.


Listen on Cambridge 105 on Saturday 17th May at our special new summer slot of 5.30pm