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scientist 53: the civil engineer in aerodynamics – Prof Holger Babinsky (2014)

We find out about aerodynamics and what it involves. We meet Professor Holger Babinsky at Cambridge University Engineering Department. He talks about wind tunnels and the need for bumps on aeroplane wings. Follow-up link...


scientist 52: the civil engineer – Robert Mair on Crossrail and Westminster (2014)

Asking someone to send you an “engineer” will conjure up all sorts of people who build and fix things. But today’s show is about civil engineers. Professor Robert Mair of the University of Cambridge...


scientist 12: the materials scientist – properties of materials (2012)

Stuart Dye from Granta Design in Cambridge explains how the company help engineers choose materials to make a product. Tagged engineering, chemistry, materials, choosing, physics, Granta Design, Cambridge, Nicola Terry, Stuart Dye 22/01/2012