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A new pill can diagnose you from the inside out. A new medical procedure offers an innovative way for doctors to find out what’s going on inside the intestine. The ‘SmartPill’ is a tablet-sized device with sensors to take measurements inside your gut and transmit them wirelessly outside the body. This procedure is now available at the private Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital in Impington. We speak to consultant physician, Dr Stephen Middleton about the technology and its benefits. To learn more, click here.

Play the Science Fact or Fiction quiz

and learn whether the moon affects our sleep, if a breathalyser can tell you’re burning fat, and if today’s thin film technology is really the best. Still curious? Check out the research articles:

What’s On 2013

The beach at Sedgwick Museum  31 July, 10.30am — 3.30pm Sedgwick Museum, Downing Street, Free. Sun, sand, fossils and fun! Discover the creatures of the seaside from prehistoric times to the current day. Drop in for a seaside adventure or book a place on a special session:  Fossil Hunt 11am – 12pm and Sedgwick Stories 2pm – 3pm

Make a sundial  31 July, 12.30 — 4.30pm Whipple Museum, Free School Lane, No need to book, Free. Before smartphones and watches, people used the sun and the stars to tell the time. Discover how it was done and make your own dials.

Rockets and cranes  7 August, 10am — 12.30pm Cambridge Museum of Technology, Cheddars Lane, Free. Design and make your own cranes and rockets! We’ll test the cranes to breaking point and fire the rockets into the air. Suitable for age 7+. Pre book email:

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