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A DNA drink to enjoy in the sun, how camping can reset your biological clock, and why the Cambridge Science Centre is the place to take the kids this summer! The Science Centre tell us how to make a lemon battery and about their “Chain Reaction” event in November.

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Inside the Cambridge Science Centre

Wondering how to entertain the kids before they head back to school? Chris Creese takes a trip to the Cambridge Science Centre on 18 Jesus Lane to see what events they have to tickle your science bone. Learn how to make a lemon battery at home – it’s easier than you think and could even power your iPod!  Chris also tours the exhibits and hears from patrons about the fun and excitement of hands-on science. A chat with presenter and outreach manager Rosy Ansell gives an inside view into science outreach. Rosy also talks about the “Chain Reaction” event you’re invited to at the Corn Exchange on 9th November. Click for more information about Chain Reaction.

Science News

Chris and Roger discuss the merits of camping to get away from electricity and improve sleep.

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