Introduction to anaesthesiology – we visit the Royal Society summer science exhibition – 105science

Hear about the wonders of anaesthesia. Have you ever had surgery in an operating theatre? If like us you wondered what the anaesthetist does, listen in to hear Dr Jessica Kentish tell us what her work entails. We met Dr Kentish on her holiday to Cambridge, UK and she told us about the chemicals she uses in her work in Denver, Colorado. The Dr goes on to explain why nitrous oxide, normally used as an anaesthetic in dentistry, is less useful at high altitudes.

The Summer Science Exhibition at the Royal Society in London is an amazing venue to let your ‘inner scientist’ out to play! The 2013 summer science exhibition was bustling with folks and families and wanting to hear what scientists get up to. It was a week long chance to chat with some of the UK’s greatest scientists, and to do experiments right along with them! There were exhibits, cafés, comedy shows and cocktail hours. The science show’s Dr Chris Creese catches us up on loads of cool science from how essential oils kill bacteria, to Olympic sport science, and 3D tissue regeneration.

You can get in on the fun (2013) by checking out podcasts and videos at the Royal Society exhibition blog

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