how the pulse changes

The speed of your pulse changes as you go about your day. It changes as you sit, walk or exercise.

Photo by Fred Pixlab on Unsplash

It is quite easy to record your pulse using the computer. You used to connect yourself to a pulse sensor and the sensor sent readings to the computer.

Today you might want to do that with a smart wristband. What is more, you can measure your pulse continuously, and see changes over time. You might start by measuring your pulse over several minutes. You can then choose an idea to investigate, for example:
How does your pulse change during and after exercise?
How do your results compare with other people’s results?

Connect the pulse probe to your body or finger or wrist.
Start recording and record for 10 minutes. The sensor may need a minute before it gives a steady reading.


  • How does the graph show your pulse rate increasing?
  • What are the units for measuring the pulse?
  • What part of the graph is the best place to measure your pulse rate at rest?
  • Describe what happened to your pulse while you were measuring.
  • Describe how your pulse compares with other peoples’.
  • How can we use this to measure an individual’s fitness?

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