Molecular biology research at the Medical Research Council lab of Molecular Biology in Cambridge – 105science

The Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge is credited for landmark discoveries and cutting-edge techniques. This podcast offers an overview of what the LMB do, as the Science Show team visit the lab.

On the occasion of the Medical Research Council centenary, and a visit by HRH The Queen, Roger Frost speaks with the director of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Sir Hugh Pelham about the kind of research they undertake. We find out how the LMB choose what’s worth investigating.

The LMB houses 50 research groups and over 400 scientists and one of them is led by scientist Dr Melina Schuh. Her special topic is meiosis in mammalian oocytes, or how we make the eggs that make our babies. Roger was intrigued to know why we need to know more about making babies. So we visited to ask Melina what the interest was about.

In the final part of the program Dr Chris Creese and Roger tour the LMB-MRC open day exhibition and learn about body clocks and worms. Read more at Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology


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