Keeping bees, honey and making chocolate – 105science

Keeping bees and making honey: Long-time beekeeper Steve Poyser tells us how honey bees work and how nectar turns into the stuff we buy. The Science Show’s Roger Frost asks about clear versus creamed honey. He also wonders why honey bees are called ‘social insects’ when the bee at his last BBQ was more anti-social than social. Steve Poyser is an active member of Cambridgeshire Beekeepers’ Association:

Artistry in Cocoa – Making Chocolate: Newmarket town centre chocolatier Cheryl Brighty talks to Nicola Terry about the cocoa pod and how she controls the setting of chocolate to ensure the best quality. Cheryl Brighty runs Artistry in Cocoa:

Don’t miss: 20 – 29 June 2013, Cambridge Medical Research Council – MRC Open Week: To celebrate the MRC’s 100th birthday, scientists across the country throw open their lab doors to give visitors a taste of some of the awe-inspiring science that goes on in our establishments:

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