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A government initiative to help farmers keep the water supply free of pollutants. We visit a farm in Duxford, England where Andrew Down from ‘Natural England’ explains what is meant by “Catchment Sensitive Farming”. Read more at

Environment is such an issue today, it much has its own forces to fight its different battles. ‘Natural England’ is an NGO and they connect with the Environment Agency, Rural Development Programme and with DEFRA – the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Questions from this show’s SCIENCE FACT or FICTION section:

  • Do teenage drivers make FEWER driving mistakes while listening to music?
  • Can charity work and other ways to give back to the community prolong your life?
  • Do women who receive midwife care throughout their pregnancy experience more successful births?
  • Can a plant make its own fertilizer?
  • Could regular exercise prevent problems in the bedroom?

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