Preserving ugly animals – plus breeding better wheat – 105science

Hear about breeding plants commercially and a fun campaign to save the ‘ugly’ animals.

Simon Watt of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society tell us that ugly animals face extinction because the cute creatures, like cuddly pandas, “steal all the glory”. He tells how everyone has a chance to vote for their ‘favourite ugly animal’.

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To learn more about Simon Watt, you can visit his online home at

Breeding wheat

You may wonder how today’s farmers are able to grow wheat reliably. We talk with plant scientist Gillian Covey, who explains how different strains of wheat can be bred to make better seeds for farmers. We learn some of techniques available to plant breeders, such as ‘single cross’ and ‘doubled haploids’.

Gillian Covey is a specialist in Spring Wheat at KWS UK, south of Cambridge in the village of Thriplow. KWS UK provide growers with innovative varieties of wheat, maize, oilseed rape, and sugar beet to meet needs of a varied market. Find out about spring wheat at KWS-UK

What’s On

The Ugly Animals – Comedy night at the Portland Arms, Cambridge with Sarah Bennetto, Punk Science, Andrew Holding, Suzi Ruffell, Iszi Lawrence and AF Harrold. For tickets, details of other events see

Next Science Show: 3.30pm Saturday 21/09/2013 on Cambridge 105

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