primary: make your hot drink cool

How can you make a hot drink cool down faster? Which way is better?

You need

A cup, hot water and a bowl. Computer, printer and the temperature sensor.


Care! You will be using hot water.

1. Get the computer ready to measure temperature.

2. Make two hot drinks
3. Get the computer to draw a time graph

4. Try to make one drink cool down faster by blowing on it.


1. What was the temperature of your freshly made drink?

2. What was its temperature after fifteen minutes?

3. What did you do to make the second drink cool down faster?

4. What was its temperature after fifteen minutes?

5. Where do you think the heat in your drinks went to?


See if can find a better way to make your drink cool down.

What is the temperature of a hot drink ready for drinking?

5. Stop the recording after fifteen minutes. Now print the graph.

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