primary: keep baby warm

Who do you think will get cold first – a baby or an adult?

You need

Care! You will be using hot water. Make sure it does not get knocked over.


1. Get the computer ready to measure temperature.

2. Fill small and large containers with hot water. These are the baby and adult.

3. Get the computer to draw a time graph as they cool down.

4. Stop recording after fifteen minutes. Now print the graph.


1. What was the temperature of your baby after fifteen minutes?

2. What was the temperature of the adult after fifteen minutes?

3. Look at your graphs. Which loses heat faster, a baby or an adult?

4. Where do you think the baby’s heat went?


Does wrapping a baby in a blanket help to keep it warm?

Hot water, a large and a small container. Computer, printer and the temperature sensor.

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