changes in an aquarium

Life in any aquatic habitat has to be supported by oxygen. We are all too familiar with rivers and streams where the oxygen supply has been exhausted and the river dies. The production and consumption of oxygen by plants and animals is a fine balance.

What do you think produces oxygen in a river or stream?
To investigate the production of oxygen you could set up a typical laboratory experiment using pond weed (elodea). Oxygen is collected using an upturned funnel and test tube.

What is needed for plants to produce oxygen?
An alternative to this set up is to monitor the production of oxygen in an aquarium. This gives a more realistic picture form a real aquatic habitat. The amount of oxygen is measured using an oxygen sensor (this must be able to measure dissolved oxygen) connected to a data logger and computer. This can be compared to environmental conditions around the tank such as light level, water temperature or pH, again measured and recorded using appropriate sensors.

From your results can you tell if the rate of oxygen production increase or decreases in light conditions?

You will find a sample result here:

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