A Cambridge chemist talks about drug discovery. Plus ‘Cambattery’ building a better battery – 105science

How drugs for medicine are discovered and improved by chemistry. Sean McKenna, a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, describes techniques that take the guesswork out of making pills. Followed by:

What’s on in Cambridge
The new Cambridge Science Centre is open. Take yourself or the kids to Jesus Lane, try some experiments and surprise yourself. Daily. See www.cambridgesciencecentre.org for details. Opposite Friends Meeting House / ADC theatre / Park Street car park.

Rolling out energy efficiency for homes and community buildings A workshop on what can be done to upgrade buildings, schools, churches to save energy. What can be done? How can it be financed and who can do the work? Nicola Terry (from Transition Cambridge & Cambridge Carbon Footprint) will illustrate the workshop with local projects such as Cambridge Open Eco Homes, the e-Coton solar panel bulk buy and Rampton Drift. Go to the workshop and come away with an understanding of how to make your project a success. Wednesday 03 April at 7 till 9pm. Stoneyard Centre (Lower hall), 43 St Andrews Street.

Feeling the weather in your bones: Why do people with broken bones or arthritis feel pain when the weather changes? In 2007, researchers at Tufts University in Boston reported that every 10-degree drop in temperature corresponded with an increase in pain by arthritis sufferers. Increased air pressure also triggered pain in the study.

Building a better battery: A new battery technology, based on inexpensive sulphur, promises to double the electrical energy that can be stored at a lower cost. A Cambridge start-up, ‘Cambattery” is working to commercialise the technology.

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