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Cambridge conservation scientist, Andrew Balmford, says why there’s hope for saving the planet. Speaking to The Science show’s Chris Creese, the author of “Wild Hope” explains what ecosystems really do for us, and how we can help ourselves by helping the environment. Roger Frost shares how liquid cornflour mixed in water behaves like a solid, and may generate a new kind of body armour. And Chris shares how scientists discovered one of the building blocks of life near a young star 400 light years from Earth.

SCIENCE QUESTION  Got allelopathy? Sounds scary, but it’s actually something plants do that can help you in your garden!

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EVENT  Want to meet the author of “Wild Hope”? Head to Topping & Company on Ely High Street Tuesday October 2. Tickets £5. Reception starts at 7 pm, book signing at 7.30 pm http://www.toppingbooks.co.uk/events/ely/andrew-balmford/


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