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See here for the interview scientist 34: the atmospheric scientist – John Pyle & atmospheric ozone (2012)

Missing show, but the interview is above.

We visit the Centre for Atmospheric Science in Cambridge University and speak to Professor John Pyle about modelling the atmosphere using supercomputers. See

We talk about Norovirus and how to avoid it. See

We also reflect on New Year’s resolutions to eat what’s good for us in our Science Fact or Fiction quiz – play along!

  • Would eating more eggs increase our blood cholesterol?
  • Why might modern eggs be better for us than eggs of years ago?
  • Tea contains antioxidants, but for how long should we steep our tea to get them?
  • Is there such a thing as ‘too much’ when it comes to antioxidants?
  • Are baked beans healthy and do they really make us more metaphorically musical?
  • Why do Mexican jumping beans jump?

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What’s on

For a list of all talks, see

A Skeptics in the Pub talk: Neil Denny, the presenter of the Little Atoms Radio Show, made a road trip across America and recorded interviews with scientists and science writers. Go to the Maypole Pub on Portugal Place on Tuesday, January 29 at 7:00PM

Kinect – The Inside Story where Mat Cook tells how Microsoft Research Cambridge helped develop the 3D human pose recognition technology known as Kinect. That’s on Friday February 8th at 6pm at The Old Combination Room (OCR), Wolfson College.

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