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scientist 32: the experimental psychologist – Cambridge Cognition tests for Alzheimers disease (2012)

scientist 30: the social psychologist – cleanliness and perception (2012)

See here for the interview (show is missing)

Happy new year from the Science Show!  With a nod to new years resolutions, we’ve put together a psychology special on memory and addiction. Experimental psychologist Brianne Kent talks to Chris Creese about Alzheimer’s disease, memory, and why love is a drug. Dr. Jenny Barnett talks to Roger Frost about testing for dementia and shares some tips on how to improve memory.

Brianne Kent is working on a PhD in experimental psychology at the University of Cambridge. She is studying Alzheimer’s disease and finding out how memories form in the brain. Brianne also tells about dopamine, a brain chemical that figures in drug addiction and as we fall in love.

•  To learn more the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, see the Alzheimer Society:

•  “Your Love is my drug” article by Brianne Kent in BlueSci

•  “Why do we love: the nature and chemistry of romantic love“ – a book by Helen Fisher is at Amazon Books

Dr. Jenny Barnett of Cambridge Cognition speaks with Roger Frost about the neuropsychological tests they develop including one designed for the easy and early detection of dementia. Their test is to be used in a government-funded field trial. And she has some advice for how to improve memory.

•  Cambridge Cognition

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