primary: make ear muffs for teacher

Your teacher can’t get to sleep. She would like some ear muffs – but what should she make them from? Use the sound sensor to find the best material to stop sounds.

You need

A sound maker, materials to stop sound such as clothing, a blanket, a cushion, egg boxes, cork, polystyrene. Computer and the sound sensor.


1. Decide which sound maker you will use. It needs to make a loud, steady sound.

2. Make a sound and record the sound level.

3. Choose a material that might stop sound, for example use a blanket.

4. Put the material around the sound sensor and record how much sound gets through.

5. Try the other materials.


1. Which material is the best at stopping sound?

2. Do the sound proofers have anything in common?


Does twice the thickness of the material stop the sounds any better?

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