Molecular Gastronomy with Peter Barham plus Improving cycling using psychology – 105science

We talk with Peter Barham, a professor of ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ about what his delicious subject entails.  He wrote the book “The Science of Cooking”. His idea is that “a kitchen is like science laboratory”, and that cookery is indeed an experimental science. Professor Barham has worked with restaurant chefs including Heston Blumenthal of the celebrated “Fat Duck” restaurant in Berkshire.
He was giving a talk in Cambridge for the Cambridge Society for the Application of Research. (Listen to show at the link below below or just  the interview here). You can find more talks at the C.S.A.R. website. (

A surprising report, from guest Science Show presenter Daniel Edward, on how cycling performance is being improved with a programme to change not physique but cyclists’ attitude to the pain of working at their limits.

SCIENCE NEWS in this show

  • The Emperor penguin is in peril and deserve endangered species status.
  • The Malaria parasite changes your body smell in order to attract other mosquitoes to your skin.

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