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Eco-homes feature: Roger Frost visits a stunning, super-insulated city home that minimises its use of energy; has a garden for insulation on the roof but without a heat pump in sight. He talks to architect Jeremy Ashworth about the ways that his building saves energy. We go behind the scenes of Cambridge’s OPEN ECO HOMES event. Over two weekends in May the public are invited on tours of local properties to hear about measures taken to reduce their energy use. Roger speaks to Helen Karapandzic from the organisers, Cambridge Carbon Footprint. He hears how we can get involved and see the energy-saving options in action. Thanks to Thanks also to Ashworth Parkes Architects Limited

For case studies see The ‘Open eco homes’ weekends were on 12/13 May and 26/27 May 2012. 

The Science Show 05/05/2012


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