scientist 45: the headteacher – a science technical college UTC Cambridge (2012)

Cambridge’s newest secondary school opened to start teaching in 2014. Called University Technical College – Cambridge, it specialises in biomedical and environmental science and technology. The UTC is a state funded school open to students with a flair for science. Today’s show has an exclusive interview with acting principal, Melanie Radford telling us about the school’s innovative curriculum.

The new school draws its teaching from science led by top name partners and research institutes locally. The £10 million UTC is being built on the edge of the Biomedical Campus in Robinson Way near Addenbrookes Hospital. Analogous to a USA high school, students will start aged fourteen – that’s year 10 or the start of GCSE or the fourth form if you still think in old money. Initially they take 14 years old students and they stay to 18 years finishing with A level or the vocational BTEC qualification, ready for University or a science job.

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