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Dr John Creese tells about the science of archaeology and the investigative techniques they use. Dr Creese is a researcher at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research. Website: Interviewer Roger Frost asks how is archaeology distinguished from history which is surely not a science?

Followed by The Science Show’s Chris answering this week’s science question from Stewart: What’s the science behind the idea of using helium to pack parcels and save on postage costs.

The next Science Show is on 18th May 2013. Follow us on Twitter @105science.

What’s on
• On Wednesday 15 May 2013 at 6pm there is a Science and Society event where you can hear about advances in scientific research and discuss how this work impacts on us. Called “From habit to addiction: A slippery slope” with speakers from from King’s College London and Cambridge, UK, this seminar-type event is being run by the European Bioinformatics Institute. Go to Cambridge Union Society, on Bridge Street, Cambridge on Wednesday 15 May 2013, from 6pm till 9:15pm. You can follow the event on twitter: #scisoc
• Starting on Tuesday 14th May through to Thursday 16th May 2013 is a 3-day Cambridge Science Festival, with nine evening events in three pubs, called A PINT OF SCIENCE. Top scientists give talks in pubs around town. The Brain (addiction and music) is the topic at The Portland Arms in Chesterton Road. The Body (vaccines; tumours and infection) at the Panton Arms in Panton Street. Biotechnology (stem cells and microorganisms for fuel in the future) is at the Avery pub in Regent Street. See the website: where you can get the details of 9 connected events and book your place for free. The evenings all begin at 7pm.


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