XANES 2606-8 headlamp review, tips, instructions (aka ynport, teyli)

This insanely bright headlamp / flashlight is excellent for hobbies, camping and cycling. Here are a few instructions to use it well

This flashlight (aka torch) requires 2 x 18650 Lithium cells which have a button top. When fully charged it shines for hours. It also works with one battery. You CAN use 18650 batteries without button tops but you’ll need something like the magnets I used in place of the button.

This packaged version of the XANES flashlight comes with batteries and a case Alternative headlamp – cheaper but without batteries – XANES 2606-8 Headlamp 18650 Electric Scooter Motorcycle E-bike Bike Bicycle. Available from Banggood. Shown above is the OUTERDO 3300LM 8Modes 8 LED rechargeable headlamp with cable and batteries (waterproof). (also branded teyli; ynport)

Charge the batteries using the rubber covered micro-USB socket on the side of the battery box. You can prolong the life of the Li cells if you disconnect the charger when the indicator light turns from red (below) to green.

You can prolong the life of the torch by not pulling the black cable where it enters the battery case: I’d use a melted glue gun to put a blob of glue at the entry point and/or just inside

Beside the charging port is a button to turn on the rear red light to either solid or flashing.

There are two buttons on the headlamp unit. On my version each button cycles through five modes. Press any button five times to go from OFF to return to OFF.

For illuminating the torch has 2 x T6 chips in the middle and 4 x smaller XPE chips. Three presses of the right button give the maximum illumination.

For emergency uses eg alerting it also has two white and red COB lamps (controlled by the left button).

This sticker reminds me which button is the most useful

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