scientist 67: the guitarist – guitar types & quality (2014)

With many different types of guitars, we find out how much more is involved in the sound we get from various models, and whether or not this impacts on the price. Are we just paying for a brand name or the association with a particular musician? Today’s guest is Graham Buxton, a name that local music fans and musicians will recognise from a long musical pedigree. Graham has spent many years advising new musicians as to the pros and cons of each instrument. Neil asks Graham about the kind of guitars that are available. If it is perhaps true that we are paying for a brand, there is a level of quality which is behind the names which accounts towards the price. That is the case whether we’re talking about tools, foods or fashions for example.

11/10/2014 105science, Neil Ainsby, physics, Roger Frost, science education, technology, guitar, sound