scientist 56: the motor vehicle development manager – Nissan LEAF electric car (2014)

The technology behind the world’s best selling electric vehicle. Called the Nissan LEAF, it’s a car to drive across town with the thought that you’re not polluting, or adding to the traffic noise. We speak with Nissan’s vehicle development manager Steve Groves to hear about the science of the battery and the innovative technology in this car. Thanks to the Cambridge Institution of Engineering and Technology for running the event at Cambridge University Engineering Department. Car info for the curious

  • The Nissan LEAF is a production car that has a top speed of ninety miles per hour. It won a World Car of the Year Award
  • LEAF stands for Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car. The models sold across Europe are made in the UK, in Sunderland.
  • Little or no road tax or London ‘congestion charge’. A regular petrol fuelled car costs 20p a mile in fuel, the Nissan LEAF can cost just 2p of electricity a mile.
  • The 24kWh battery charges from a regular 13a socket or at public places such as the Grafton Shopping Centre car park or the park and ride car parks.

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