scientist 48: the religious paleontologist – Rob Asher on evolution and belief (2013)

The author of ‘Evolution and Belief’ tells why understanding evolution is less of a challenge to religious belief, and doesn’t make people into atheists. Dr Rob Asher shares evidence for the evolution of animals and sheds light on misunderstandings about science and religion. He also considers whether religious explanations of the natural world ought be included in school science education; whether teachers can be unaffected by their own beliefs and that science and religion do not explain the same things. Dr Rob Asher is a lecturer and curator of vertebrates at the Cambridge Museum of Zoology.

Dr Asher’s recommended reading:

  • Wallace Arthur: Evolution A Developmental Approach, Biased Embryos & Evolution
  • Sean Carroll: Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Making of the Fittest
  • Francis Collins: Language of God
  • Ken Miller: Finding Darwin’s God
  • Neil Shubin: Your Inner Fish

20/04/2013 Tagged biology, Chris Creese, evolution, Roger Frost, science education, religion