set up rflink to respond to 433MHz devices and then integrate them with Home Assistant

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  1. Miranda P says:

    Hi Roger,
    Thanks very much, great write-up.
    Do you know whether the same/similar process will work with 868MHz devices? I know there’s an 868MHz version of the RF kits.

    • roger says:

      Hi, thanks for your question. Your first requirement is less about the frequency, it is that your devices are named on the list of compatible RF devices. For example many RF buttons and sockets work with RF Link and there are unexpected finds. Several doorbell buttons of mine didn’t work (possibly because they have some secure code to stop them working with the neighbour’s). So do that first. You might find OpenMQTTgaterway claims compatibility with your brand.

      Yes I’d say you were in with a very good chance of using 868MHz devices. Yes, the Nodo shop suggests it is indeed a case of using another transmitter/receiver pair for that frequency. Ebay sell modules too. What you read on this page took research and luck. Good luck

  2. Dave Q says:

    Is it possible to use the Mega+wifi R3 onboard WIFI instead of the USB serial

    • roger says:

      According to this doc Home Assistant can listen over TCP so a likely yes,

      I wanted to do this, to locate my RFlink somewhere central, but I found the RF signals to be quite good.
      Still I’d encourage you to explore your wish.
      While I do own similar kit I have still to understand how to send serial data from the Arduino > wifi.

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