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Portable PC system box reviewed by Roger Frost (November 2000)  
Great back up if you’re a PC short in a training situation

Imagine a PC system box with the air sucked out of it and you are looking at Jadetech’s MicroPC. As tall as five CD cases and 15 cm square this is one fine conversation piece of a PC.

The MicroPC is feature rich with sockets for monitor, printer, network, modem and remarkably short of little that most folk would call a real PC. There’s even composite and S-video outputs to plug you into a TV to brilliantly suit demonstration uses. A keyboard, mouse and power supply add to its bulk, and while the box sits spider-like with cables in all directions, there will come a time when something this tiny can be pressed into service very quickly. Like Time Education’s idesk – a computer built into a desk – there are spaces and niches for computers in shapes and sizes like these. If you find yourself panting as you carry computer boxes around, think of all the air inside them that we could put to use. 

Sold in a variety of configurations by www.jadetec.co.uk Tel 0113 281 7788.

Features: 5*

Ease of use 4*

Design 3*

Value 3*


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