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Archived reviews of resources for science

For the years since 1990, Roger Frost reviewed all software destined for a science lesson. He wrote an annual summary in The Guardian, TES or ECT magazine or at Merlin John Online. For many of those years, he judged the annual awards run by BAFTA, BIMA and the BETT Awards.

What we liked in 2008
Sunflower Learning - makes you think
Roger Frost's Organic Chemistry - animation
Crocodile Physics
dot Interactive Physics

What we didn't like in 2006

Caspian Learning used a lot of time to get to a result
dot Virtual Image - ways to start lessons unimaginatively
dot Birchfield - a taste of interactivity with one idea done to death.
dot Boardworks - good format with short-measure on interactive content
Fable's Physics Online – quality simulations - review
dot Science software - Update 2008 (The Guardian 2008)
dot Science software - Update 2007 (The Guardian 2007)
Science software - Update 2006 (TES January 2006)
Science software - Update 2005 (TES January 2005)
Developing multimedia - a case study by Roger Frost. Based on an article for 'Education Technology Review' - ETR Middle-East - Dubai 2008
Science Software for schools Thumbnail assessments of what to buy (January 2003)
Science software - Update 2004 (TES January 2004)
Science software - Update - 2003 (TES January 2003)
Best of Science Year - ideas and what's in store for 2003
Visit www.scienceyear.com for Planet 10's orrery; See also www.sycd.co.uk for online versions of the CD-ROMs that ASE sent to Schools
Why IT? - how IT helps science education written in 1994
Good practice - one teacher's approach (2000)
Portable computers in class - articles on the power of the portable 
Inventing Tomorrow - technology about solving problems and relevance (2001)
Fast forward to the future in Science Year - ICT ideas for Science Year (2002)
Resources for Science (2000) including Fable's Force and Motion) 
Good value resources for primary and secondary science
Using ICT in Science - some favourite resources
Software for science (2000)
Science Software (2000)
Science Simulations (2000)
Let other people choose your software - let your supplier dictate your needs (2001)
Starting with science and IT - some ideas and primary and secondary case studies
  (The Guardian 1998)
What sort of software should we use in school (1997)
IT for handling data and models in science - a briefing (1995)
Modelling science - a practical look at using computer models in science (for
  Interactive Magazine 1996)
CD-ROM for the science classroom (1996)
Using CD - how can we use CD-Rom (1995)
Human body cut-out - easy mouse activity using Microsoft Word. If
  you've an interactive whiteboard, use this as practice material. 
Fast forward to the future in Science Year (The Guardian) 2002
NCET TV - IT case studies - using TV to disseminate how to do IT (1996 TES)
A video-conferencing case study - what are they using it for? (1997 TES)
IT and special needs - special needs pupils get good exam results
  (The Guardian 1998)
Gone cooking - Roger Frost goes on a cookery course (1996 TES)
LEGO - the eLab energy set; robots kits and data logging (2000 TES)
Teenagers roam the gene pool - curriculum enrichment project (1995 TES)
Short Circuit - TV series - preview of a series for ages 15-16. (TES 1996)

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