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What's good - shortlist for science teaching - 2006

1) Sunflower Learning - makes you think

2) Immersive Education - cutting edge models

3) Advanced Chemistry - Roger Frost's own software




Fable's Physics Online – review

Science software - Update 2006 (TES January 2006)

Science software - Update 2005 (TES January 2005)

Science Software for schools Thumbnail assessments of what to buy (January 2003, still current 2004)

Science software - Update 2004 (TES January 2004)

Science software - Update - 2003 (TES January 2003)


Archive articles

Best of Science Year - ideas and what's in store for 2003

Visit (also for free software such as Planet 10's orrery; See also for online versions of 5 free CD-ROMs that ASE sent to Schools.

Why IT? - how IT helps science education (1994)

Good practice - one teacher's approach (2000)

Portable computers in class - articles on the power of the portable 

Inventing Tomorrow - technology is also about solving problems and relevance (2001)

Fast forward to the future in Science Year - including ICT ideas for Science Year (2002)

Resources for Science (2000) including Fable's Force and Motion) 

Good value resources for primary and secondary science

Using ICT in Science - some favourite resources

Software for science (2000)

Science Software (2000)

Science Simulations (2000)

Let other people choose software for you - why not let your PC supplier dictate your software needs (2001)

Starting with science and IT - some ideas and primary and secondary case studies (The Guardian 1998)

What sort of software should we use in school (1997)

IT for handling data and models in science - a briefing (1995)

Modelling science - a practical look at using computer models in science (for Interactive Magazine 1996) 

CD-ROM for the science classroom (1996)

Using CD - how can we use CD-ROm (1995)

Human body cut-out exercise - a neat, easy mouse activity using Microsoft Word. If you've an interactive whiteboard, use this as practice material. 


Various articles - Archive


Fast forward to the future in Science Year (The Guardian) 2002)

NCET TV - IT case studies on film - TV is a key medium to disseminate how to do IT (1996 TES)

A video-conferencing case study - it's wizzy technology, what are they using it for? (1997 TES)

IT and special needs - special needs pupils get good exam results (The Guardian 1998)

Gone cooking - Roger Frost goes on a cookery course (1996 TES)

LEGO - hitting the mark with the eLab energy set; robots kits and data logging (2000 TES)

When teenagers roamed the gene pool - a science curriculum enrichment project (1995 TES)

Short Circuit - TV series - preview of a science series for ages 15-16. (TES 1996)

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