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Mini reviews of science software from Fable, Sunflower Learning, Kartouche

Physics - Fable Multimedia – www.fable.co.uk

Overall: Attractive, focussed and very useful for physicists

Force & Motion – numerous models for ages 14 – 18. An award winning title that is easy to use and implement. Good value 9/10
Oscillations and Waves - set of models for ages 16-18 with a great example on interference. Good value 8/10
Interactive Physics - model building package with model worksheets for ages 16-18. Very big and powerful so check that you can handle it. 7/10

Physics - Krucible – www.immersiveeducation.com

Overall: Kartouche’s models will impress

Energy - a model examining force and energy for age 16 – 18. Awesome and powerful model; a piece of art in the service of science Score 7/10.
Waves - model of waves defies belief for age 16 – 18. Score 7/10.
Ideas and Evidence - a set of tools to discuss evolution, the discovery of atoms and others. Unusual approach with role playing characters. Need to hear some classroom feedback so we must rate it 6/10 for now.

Chemistry - Sunflower Learning – www.sunflowerlearning.com

Overall: the quality is high. The pupil activities outshine anything else out there.

Bonding - clever way to show electrons in bonding using drag and drop dot and cross diagrams. Good value 9/10
Atoms and Ions - looks inside the atom learn about isotopes, electron arrangements and ions. All clearly shown Score 8/10
Diffusion - how gases & liquids diffuse, a solid dissolves and evaporation. Pupils exploration of the concept Score 7/10
Dissolving - how temperature affects solubility or what happens as the solvent evaporates. Add meat and substance to the topic Score 9/10 
Periodic Table - trends in the properties of the elements shown by an ingenious 3D periodic table. Great way to see patterns. Score 7/10          
Solids, Liquids and Gases - about the particle model there’s more detail here than meets the eye. Good value. Score 8/10  

Organic Chemistry - www.organic.rogerfrost.com

100% animation teaching material to fit the way people work.

Multimedia Science School - Plato Learning

Overall: made in the era when making software was expensive. Development was arrested when New Media was bought by Plato Learning many years ago.


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