Articles about using the Internet in teaching and a few links.



Archive articles:

Ready made Intranets for schools (The Guardian 2001)
Making international links - about a web site to help schools link up (The Guardian 1998)
Science and the Internet - things to see (1998 TES)
A connected learning community - an Internet project with parents, pupils and teachers (1997 TES)
MS Internet Explorer - a look at Microsoft's web browser (1997 TES)
Testing the Internet for schools - a NCET project begins (The Guardian 1997)
Surf City here we come - or should science teachers get on the Internet or wait? (1995 TES)
Using the Internet to teach science - what you might find (1994 TES)
Security issues and the net - (1997 FE Today)
German schools and the net - schools  and computers abroad (1994 TES)   
Adding interactivity to the Web - tools for the web (1998 TES)
Home software goes Internet - linking CD-Roms to the Internet (TES) 
Citizenship and Parliament - learning about the Parliamentary process (The Guardian) 
Archived notes - from our message board - loosely Internet related  
SOL - The Schools Online Project completes its mission (TES 1997)


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