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Exam howlers
Quotes from exam papers
  • The fat has been removed so that less weight is put on when drunk. Food is in the colon and semicolon.
  • The three bases on the mRNA are known as a condom.
  • A drone bee comes from an unfertilised egg therefore has no father. It had to have a mother in order to be layed.
  • During germination the seeds undergo radicle changes.
  • Our world today was once believed to be a large land mass - panacea.
  • There are three types of coronary heart disease - angina, coronary infartion and sudden death.
  • If you had boiling water inside you, you would most certainly have a high temperature.
  • Putrification of water filters out faeces and other objects.
  • Water is needed for the urinal system.
  • Some mammals disguise themselves as poisonous plants, or develop a nasty taste, to prevent organisms from entering their bodies.
  • Remove the worms before ploughing to avoid damage, then plant them again later.
  • The deep-burrowing earthworms have adapted to avoid birds burrowing deeper.
  • This experiment proved glucose was present in the solution when an orange/red brick was formed.
  • The farmer would have been unhappy because be planted the same type of seed as farmer A but his ears were smaller.
  • This could be done using a radioactive source being detected by a gaga counter.
  • Fatty acids react with sodium hydroxide to form soap. Glycerine and soap then enter the lactel by diffusion.
  • The primary consumer is plankton, the secondary consumer is the fish and the thirsty is the man.
  • The aorta has a bivalve in it.
  • The fertiliser spreader has a revolving bottom.
  • Biological control of the scale insect is by the prickly pepper moth.
  • A toothbrush removes human plague.
  • The International Whaling Commission was set up to save some of the whales that died.
  • It is important not to sleep with any old person.
  • Mountains of beef and butter are hard to swallow.
  • When the external environment is cold, the mammal wears a cardigan to keep warm.
  • A virus is of very simple construction, and its entrance into the organism kingdom is often disputed...
  • The mammals may have a particular length of foreplay dependent on the length of the shadows.
  • Immortality of babies and children was a lot bigger many years ago.
  • Evolution started with a prime-evil soup.
  • Fertile soil contains humerus.
  • A coelomate is a sea creature like an anemine possissing testicles to catch its prey.
  • The amphibians evolved from a group of freshwater fish in the Devonian period, 300x10 years ago.
  • Disadvantages of sexual reproduction: The majority of humans tend to mate with species of their own kind.
  • Down's syndrome, deaf, dumb and blindness have become more popular in Britain.
  • These colours are detected by colons in the eye.
  • The foetus passes its faeces into the mothers blood.
  • Starch digestion begins in the mouth when the molecules are chewed and broken up by the teeth.
  • Each woman ought to examine her breasts or any other abnormalities.
  • Homeostasis is two people of the same sex living together.
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