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Data logging update - The Guardian 'Link Magazine' January 2008

by Roger Frost

new and interesting for 2008

  • Nova 5000EX (Economatics / Fourier)
  • DataSweet Datalogging for Mac OS 10 (Kudlian Soft)
  • Vernier Labquest (Instruments Direct Services Ltd)
  • Rocket logger (Sciencescope)

Choosing ICT for science experiments is best done in January as it’s when you hear if technology is turning a corner.  This year data loggers are doing just that.
Typically, you plug a box into a computer to show data on screen. Lately several altogether more clever boxes, are so capable that they don’t need to plug into anything. The big attraction is that batteries permitting, with these devices you can take them between laboratories with less cable clutter.
Clever boxes include the PASCO ‘GLX’ logger with its big enough screen, heaps of data handling capability and which can plug into a computer, a printer or if you wax lyrical about experiments, into a keyboard.  Then there’s LogIT Datavision CX with fast sound recording, an oscilloscope and timing capabilities. Another is the Sciencescope Logbook GL which has a graph display and now comes in a primary version
Those wanting to use a Pocket PC would look at Data Harvest’s ‘Graphical Logger Pack’ that uses a Compact Flash slot to turn a mini personal computer into a convenient laboratory measuring device. In a Windows-like setting using its software to analyse graphs is pretty much doable.
This year there is more corner-turning. The Vernier Labquest look like a PDA in a rubberised splash-proof case. It features a button to start measuring and a touch screen to use analysis features. If connected to a computer it works with the quite excellent, Logger Pro software.
New also is the Nova 5000EX (from Economatics / Fourier) which, as one piece computer and data logger sets out a new platform for lab measurement. Its respectable 18cm screen, tablet PC style and familiar Windows CE is a help. To this you add Internet Wi-Fi, email and a projector socket.
Also to see is the cheerful TTS Log-Box at £75 that feels made for primary school. There’s Kudlian Soft’s DataSweet which treats measuring as a recording rather than dead and done graph. This wonderful realisation is for Apple computers. Very new is XLlogger.com whose plug and go sensors feed data into Microsoft Excel as opposed to something unfamiliar. Finally you’ll want to see Rocket logger which can be attached to a rocket as it measures acceleration. You can also visualise the trajectory in Google Earth. If anyone wondered where data loggers are headed, they most surely do now.

Contact - including BETT show booth numbers

Data Harvest Stand Q40 01525 373666 www.data-harvest.co.uk
Economatics Education Stand A50 www.economatics.co.uk 0114 281 3344
Fourier Systems Ltd Stand R56 www.fourier-sys.com +972 39014849
Kudlian Soft R10 www.kudlian.net
Lego Education Stand C79 www.lego.co.uk 01789 773537
Logotron Stand F26  -  01223 425 558 – www.logo.com
PASCO Scientific Stand N56 www.pascophysics.co.uk tel 01892 653322
Rapid Electronics Stand P10 - 01206 838 013 www.rapidonline.com
Roger Frost Stand S59 tel 01763 209109 www.rogerfrost.com
Sciencescope, N59 01225 850 020 www.sciencescope.co.uk
TAG Learning Stand B56 - 01474 537886 www.taglearning.com
LogIT, Timstar Laboratory Supplies, Stand N26 01270 250459 www.timstar.co.uk/
TTS Stand P1 Tel 01623 447 888 www.tts-shopping.com
Vernier/IDS Stand N68 Tel 01530 832 500 www.www.inds.co.uk
XLlogger.com Stand Q56 01789 773537 www.XLlogger.com


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