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Abington Microconsultants / ScienceScope develop data logging resources for Philip Harris and their own loggers. Brands include LogBook; Datadisc; DL+; Blue Box; First Sense; SensorMeter

CMA - very experienced curriculum developer and manufacturer based at Amsterdam

CPS or the Christelijk Pedagogisch Studiecentrum made a Dutch edition of IT in Primary Science in Dutch and English. Called 'Sensor' this package of activities, hardware and software was based on DCP Microdevelopment's 'LogIT LIVE'. 

Data Harvest are behind EasySense, FlashLogger; Sense and Control, EasyLog, Sensing Science, Ecolog.  They supply Insight data logging software. They also have products for data logging on palmsized computers. Their site lists their agents world-wide

Deltronics made and sell kits that work with Insight software.

LogIT or DCP Microdevelopments develop the Datavision CX; eXperiment; Explorer; LogIT, DataMeter and LIVE! range. Their site lists agents world-wide They also support their products directly. 

Lego offer Robolab/Mindstorms range of sensors and control technology

Matrix Multimedia are the people behind Flowlog

PASCO Scientific develop and supply a range of high performance sensors in the US and have agents world-wide. Their brands include DataStudio; Science Workshop; PASPort

Pico make an intriguing range of PC scopes and a data logger at 

SCS - Scientific & Chemical Supplies (Hogg) supply loggers

Southern Biological are science suppliers in Australia. 

Tain Electronics develop and supply a range of sensors in Australia.

Texas Instruments develop the calculators and CBL system that uses sensors made by Vernier. They have offices world wide.

Vernier Software develop a large range of sensors for many other firm's systems such as the Texas Instruments CBL system.

Valiant Technology developed Roamer and a data logger called SenSci