Here you can learn how the parts of the body fit together. You use a graphics program as if you were doing a cut-out exercise. Open the files below, then fit each part of the body into its place.


1. Click on

 bodywic.gif (511 bytes)

(My Body.doc - Word 640K)

Alternative:  this 84K archive self-extracts and takes a  minute or so. Download the file. Double click to extract it to a folder of your choice. Open file in folder with MS Word.

2. Put each body part into its place.

3. Label your diagram.


body.gif (10982 bytes)


1. Click on

 zipicon.gif (1345 bytes)

(Compressed MS Word file - 184 kb or a few minutes)

Download the file. Double click on the file to extract the MS Word file. Double click to open it.

2. Double click on the graphic. The organs are in the wrong boxes: put the pictures of the organs in their correct boxes.

2. The organs are the wrong sizes: scale each organ to fit its box

3. The organs are in the wrong places: put each body part into its proper place.

4. Label your diagram and delete the boxes

bodybig.gif (17293 bytes)

The above drawings were created in Micrografx Designer and copied to MS Word. These and many other graphics, like the eye, brain, skeleton can be found in the clip-art collections of Micrografx Draw and Micrografx Designer. If anyone is good at Shockwave, where cut out and labelling exercises can work over the web there's a opportunity to create a resource that could be popular.   eye.gif (16237 bytes)
Example of an graphic from Arts & Letters Express graphics software.

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