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Advice on batteries
  • Rechargeable Alkaline batteries are good for torches (flashlights) and all sorts of devices you use infrequently. Not for cameras or electronic diaries.
  • Ni-Hydride / Lithium - are especially good for digital cameras.
  • Ni-Cd - are not much use due to the decay of charge and environmental concerns. However, being inexpensive to replace, these are very useful in devices you keep almost permanently on charge e.g. solar garden lighting
  • Alkaline cells - for a device like a torch you need to use in an emergency.
  • Digital still cameras cause a high drain on standard alkaline cells which the camera will eat like Smarties. Use recommended cells or Ni-Hydride rechargeables. Ni-H cells come with different ratings (eg 1250 mAh or 2500 mAh) and there's a useful and noticeable difference between them.
  • Palm PDA - use recommended cells or standard alkaline cells. Using rechargeables (especially Rechargeable Alkaline) for such constant drain devices (eg they run a clock etc) will over-discharge the cell resulting in cell damage and rupture on recharging.
  • Battery testers - by Uniross and An-Mann especially can save money. Many times we find 2-3 good AA batteries in a set of four seemingly dead cells.
  • Place to buy - www.battery-force.co.uk carry bulk batteries and all kinds of watch batteries (2008).

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