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(or looking at data from experiments)

The message of this section is that graphs from experiments with sensors are rich in data. One of the benefits of using sensors is that you can see more detail in the changes that occur in experiments. There is more to explain, and many opportunities for learning. Below we show results that 'tell a story' of what happened in our investigations and we offer some questions about them.

1. Click the links below (repeated at left) to see examples of our investigations. Click 'back' to return to this list.

2. Download our data files to use in Excel or your data logging program > Data files

Take a glass of milk and measure its pH over a couple of days
... will it gradually go acid?
Study of an Infra-red remote control signal
...where we pointed our sensor at an infrared remote control
Coffee temperature
...where we wondered whether to add the milk now or later
How room temperature changes over the day and night
...where we measured the temperature indoors and outdoors for a day
Keeping a house warm
... a nice project about the temperatures of model houses
Latent heat
...where we look at what salt does to the temperature of freezing water
A cooling curve
...where we found that a cooling liquid gave us a cooling graph with a bump.
Looking at the change of temperature as ice changes state
...where we tested some houses to see which can keep us warmer.
A pendulum
...where we got the computer to 'watch' a pendulum swinging.
Rate and concentration
... showing how the concentration of chemical affects the rate of a reaction.
Rate and temperature
... showing how the temperature affects the rate of a reaction.
Car on a ramp rolling down a slope
...where we rolled a toy car down a slope from different heights.
Freezing - we put a bun in the freezer
... using our sensors to measure the temperature of a bread roll in the freezer!
Exothermic reaction - measure heat from Plaster of Paris
...as we mixed plaster with different amounts of water.
Compost heap
...where we watched grass cuttings with our sensors
An aquarium
...where we see what was happening in our fish tank
A battery fit for the job
...where we compared two different types of battery

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