Roger Frost & Chris Creese on Cambridge radio breakfast show

Neil and Lottie invite us to the Breakfast Show on Cambridge 105 as we answer questions about how the show came about. There was giggling but it was an informative chat too.

Running order (20 minutes total):

  1. What the Science Show does and why it happened in Cambridge
  2. Neil asks if Chris is American or Canadian?
  3. Teaching standards in schools
  4. How they taught programming in the old days; What science is taught in school; Raspberry Pi computer
  5. Examples of science research and science being commercialised
  6. Science Fact or Fiction quiz, followed by answers to:
    • Is it impossible to sneeze with your eyes open?
    • Can peanuts be used to make dynamite?
    • Does the most expensive coffee in the world come from animal poo?

The Science Show on Cambridge 105 Radio used to happen on Saturday at 2.30pm – on 105FM

Broadcast December 1 2012 7.30am


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